The city of Hammerfast is a strange city, a bastion of the dead and the undead, a former battleground between Dwarves and Orcs, and the unlikely place where our two heroes, Azile and Helena, have decided to start their new mercenary company. After their brief experiences in other more mundane occupations, the two have decided to take a shot at the riskier life of adventuring. The building they’ve rented is a small, shabby warehouse in the gate district, which they’ve converted into a barracks and begun recruiting.

This campaign is meant to be modular, based around the city of Hammerfast, which is a premade city available as a standalone D&D4E book. Starting with a DM and two heroes, new players will be allowed to join in (if we manage to snag any) every time the party returns to their barracks. If we have fewer than five heroes at any time, the party may choose to bring some heroes from their hired reserve. Economics and experience for the heroes not currently in the party will be at the DM’s discretion, but they will assuredly advance a bit slower than the heroes in the party, but also bring a little passive income into the mercenary troupe’s coffers.

This first module, which I am tentatively entitling the Forgotten Hold, is mostly a delve, but hopefully future adventures of the company will embroil them in conflicts more widespread based on various idea stubs in the literature and whatever idea stubs given from character backgrounds, as they are written. Check the adventure log to see how we’re doing!

Mercenaries of Hammerfast